JUNE 2019

June… Really? Just like that school’s out, summer Fridays are in full effect and it’s time to enjoy the weather we’ve spent the last nine months longing for! It goes without saying that sun protection should be top of mind, but did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month as well?

When acne doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments, dermatologist intervention is in order. From skincare products and prescription-based topicals to in-office treatments for both active acne and lingering acne scars, Dr. Boakye can customize the optimal anti-acne plan of attack that will garner the best results for your skin. 

From acne and other medical skin conditions to pro-aging treatments that help you turn back the clock, Bergen Dermatology has all of your skin’s unique needs covered. Schedule a consultation today to get your best skin yet!


10% off our Acne Survival Kit

An anti-acne skincare regimen doesn’t have to be complicated—but sticking with it is essential for optimal results. Our simple four-step Acne Survival Kit includes all the basics acne-prone skin needs, including the Gentle Antioxidant Soothing CleanserBenzoyl Peroxide 5% WashUltra Lite Facial Cream and Sheer Physical Sunscreen. Designed to effectively cleanse the skin, remove excess oil, target acne-causing bacteria, provide much-needed hydration and protect the skin from UV rays, these products work to improve your skin around the clock. Offer expires June 30, 2019.


Clear skin chemical peel special

Salicylic acid peels are extremely effective for acne because this particular acid is oil-soluble, which means it can penetrate the pores and dissolve the oil and debris that contribute to the formation of blemishes. A series four peels can provide significant skin clearing (as well as other benefits like enhanced radiance and more even skin tone). Purchase three peels this month and get one free (a savings of $150), and enjoy clear, healthy skin this summer! Offer expires June 30, 2019.


10% off laser-based acne treatments

Skincare and prescription-based topicals are generally the first line of defense when getting acne under control, but laser-based treatments can help speed skin clearing. Dr. Boakye uses the Fotona laser, which helps reduce the inflammation associated with active acne while targeting overactive oil glands to help minimize future breakouts from forming. The Fotona laser can also be used for skin resurfacing to help improve the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen production deep within the skin. Dr. Boakye can create a customized acne treatment plan that includes the Fotona laser, and we’re offering 10% off all treatments purchased this month. Offer expires June 30, 2019.


Is your skin ready for summer?

Summer clothing styles call for smooth, soft skin from head to toe—and Karité Shea Butter’s Crème Corps Body Cream is just the product to do it. Formulated by Dr. Boakye with unrefined shea butter sourced from Ghana, organic coconut oil and an antioxidant-rich blend of botanical extracts (and very little else), this decadent body treatment is just what your skin needs. Ideal for all skin types and extremely effective for common problem spots like the knees, elbows and feet, it’s also safe and effective for soothing eczema symptoms.


Struggling with uneven skin tone? The right sunscreen can help…

There’s no disputing that daily sunscreen use can help prevent skin discoloration caused by sun exposure, but did you know that sunscreen alone can help improve dark spots and unwanted pigment with ongoing use? Even more, sunscreens that contain iron oxide (such as our Tinted Antioxidant Sunscreen) may be able to provide even more improvement in uneven skin tone since it helps protect the skin from UV rays as well as visible light. While iron oxide provides extra protection against all types of discoloration, research has shown this ingredient is especially helping for managing melasma.

Tinted Antioxidant Sunscreen

Featuring a universal tint that helps even out all skin tones and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores, this advanced 100% physical formula offers broad-spectrum SPF 50, absorbs oil and leaves skin with a soft, matte finish. It also contains potent antioxidants that protect against the free radicals that can lead to premature signs of aging and skin cancer. Oil-free and non-comedogenic (so it won’t lead to breakouts), it can be worn alone or used as a protective makeup primer. 



Ask Dr. B.

Question: I experience breakouts on my back and chest from time to time, and they seem to get worse in the summer. It’s easy to hide them when I’m covered up during the winter, but I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off when I’m at the beach or hanging out by the pool. What can I do to prevent body acne?

Answer: For starters, I recommend treating the skin on your back and chest the same way as you’d treat acne-prone skin on your face. This means addressing bacteria and excess oil and incorporating gentle exfoliation to help prevent pores from becoming clogged. The easiest solution is using the same anti-acne products from head to toe. 

Many patients who experience body acne don’t realize that several lifestyle factors can play a role as well. Here are a few extra tips that can help prevent these blemishes—and allow you to go shirtless with confidence!

  • Shower as soon as possible after exercising and use an acne cleanser with benzoyl peroxide.

  • Wash your body after shampooing and conditioning your hair, as many ingredients in these products can cause clogged pores.

  • Opt for workout clothes that breathe or wick moisture away from the skin.

  • Make time for stress relief. This can be anything that helps you relax, whether exercise, meditation or spending time with friends.

  • A healthy diet filled with lean protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats (and limiting processed foods) can help prevent surges in blood sugar levels, which have been linked to an increase in acne. 


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