October 2019

Fall is officially upon us, which means the holiday season isn’t far behind. October is the proverbial calm before the flurry of festivities, making it the ideal time to take care of your skin (and yourself!) before our calendars are overflowing with family gatherings, parties and other get-togethers. Whether you’d like to give your appearance a little “refresh” or you want to get your annual skin-cancer check in before the end of the year, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

October is also Eczema Awareness Month, which is very fitting since many people with this common skin condition experience flare-ups as the weather transitions from summer to fall. If moisturizing (a lot!) and avoiding triggers such as harsh products, scratchy fabrics and long, hot showers isn’t keeping itching and redness under control, it’s time to pay us a visit.

A few skin-related reminders as you get into the Halloween spirit… While it’s OK to indulge your sweet tooth as a treat, too much sugar is never a good idea. Beyond being a source of empty calories and putting you at increased risk of diabetes, high blood sugar fuels a process called glycation within the skin. Glycation causes collagen fibers to become brittle and less flexible—which leads to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Just something to keep in mind before you reach for the Halloween candy! (And if your costume involves elaborate makeup, read on for Dr. B.’s tips for keeping skin calm and clear.)


10% off pro-aging skincare essentials

Aging is a biological process that happens no matter what—but we can take steps to preserve the health and youthful appearance of our skin. Dr. Boakye’s top skincare-ingredient recommendations: Vitamin C and retinol. Vitamin C (found in our Pro-Collagen Serum) acts as an antioxidant that prevents environmental skin damage, while helping to brighten the skin and promote the production of collagen. Retinol provides gentle exfoliation and supports collagen production as well. When used together, vitamin C (in the morning) and retinol (at night) help improve fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, skin texture and overall radiance. If you’re not already using these valuable ingredients, we’re offering 10% off our Pro-Collagen Serum and Advanced Retinol Plus Soothing Serum 5X to help you get started! Offer ends October 31, 2019.


Scare wrinkles away with Dysport

If you want to look more relaxed and rested (and don’t want to see crow’s feet and other wrinkles), Dysport is the solution. A safe, effective way to minimize the muscle contractions that lead to lines and furrows around the eyes, on the forehead and between the brows, this quick, downtime-free treatment will have you looking younger for the holiday season—and this month you can save $50 when you treat three areas! Offer ends October 31, 2019.


Which chemical peel is right for you?

There’s an ideal chemical peel for virtually every skin concern, and these skin-refining treatments are a great way to get maximum results with minimal effort. Salicylic acid is the go-to for oily and acne-prone skin, while the VI Peel features a blend of TCA, Retin-A, salicylic acid, phenol and vitamin C to address visible signs of sun damage like discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles with little to no discomfort or downtime. To help you enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin this fall, we’re offering four salicylic acid peels for $250, one VI Peel for $275 and two VI Peels for $490. Offer expires October 31, 2019.


Soothe dry skin and eczema with Karité

Everyone needs to moisturize from head-to-toe, and Dr. Boakye’s general rule is that every square inch of skin should have a hint of shine all the time! With cooler temperatures and drier air upon us, it’s time to replace lightweight lotions with a richer cream—and Karité Shea Butter Crème Corps Hydrating Body Cream fits the bill perfectly. Formulated with a minimal number of ingredients to be gentle on the skin, this body cream is ideal for improving dry skin and keeping eczema symptoms under control. 


What does “real beauty mean to you?

Beauty can be defined in many ways, and Harper’s Bazaar recently surveyed 1,400 women to see what “real beauty” means to them. It’s no surprise that a majority of women turn to skincare, makeup and professional treatments to look and feel like the best version of themselves—and this means spending an average of $759 on beauty products each year. 

But perhaps the most interesting takeaway from this survey is that 78% of women are trying to look more natural with their beauty routine. Dr. Boakye shares this sentiment and believes a healthy lifestyle along with an effective skincare routine that includes vitamin C, retinol, moisturizer and sunscreen—plus mild in-office enhancements (such as Dysport/Botox, injectable fillers and microneedling)—can help achieve this goal. 


Ask Dr. B.

The first week of November is always especially busy at my practice, and a majority of the “emergency” calls we get from patients with otherwise healthy skin are usually a result of Halloween makeup. From severe acne breakouts to redness and rashes, it’s generally easy to identify the culprit (and prescribe the proper products and treatments to get skin back on track)—but it’s even easier to avoid Halloween-related skin reactions. Here are my top tips:

  1. Be wary of inexpensive makeup purchased from party stores—and basically anything being sold as “Halloween makeup.” These products are often filled with artificial dyes, waxes and oils (and may possibly contain irritating or toxic ingredients that are not approved by the FDA).

  2. You have enough time assemble the high-quality cosmetics you need to create any Halloween look you can dream up. Check out reputable stage-makeup brands, such as MehronBen NyeKryolan and Make Up For Ever. You can also schedule a consultation at your local M.A.C store or department-store counter and make an appointment for them to do your makeup on Halloween (but book this ASAP to make sure you’re all set).

  3. Perform a patch test with anything you’re planning to use on your face for Halloween. Apply a small amount to your neck or the inside of your arm well before October 31 to see if your skin reacts.

  4. Be sure to wash your face thoroughly at the end of the night. Your usual nightly cleanser might not cut it if your Halloween look involves heavy makeup, so you may want to have an oil-based cleansing balm on hand (and it may require multiple washes to get everything off). Just remember to be gentle and avoid scrubbing, which can lead to irritation on its own. 


We moved!

Thanks to loyal patients like yourself, we outgrew our old office and moved to a brand-new, bigger space! (But don’t worry, it’s just down the street.) Please take note of our new address, and we look forward to seeing you in our new location!

473 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 110
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