Bergen Dermatology's June Newsletter

Happy June! It’s officially summer, which means we’ll all be having more fun in the sun! Just a reminder to take proper precautions such as reapplying SPF often, covering up and seeking shade. Dr. Boakye shared her sun-safety tips for the whole family on Amazon’s Luxury Beauty site, and you can check them out here!
June is also Acne Awareness Month, and with so many treatment options both in the office and at home, there’s no reason to struggle with breakouts. Make an appointment so we can make sure you’re using the right skincare regimen and recommend the ideal treatments that can clear up your complexion in no time!

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Bergen Dermatology's May Newsletter

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to educate—and protect—yourself. One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer, but minimizing your risk is easier than you think. Daily SPF, annual skin exams and keeping an eye out for new spots and changes in existing moles are the best ways to start. Early detection is key for optimal outcomes, and if you’re due for a full-body check, make your appointment today!

Not sure what to look for when checking yourself for skin cancer? Anything suspicious warrants a trip to the dermatologist, but the below left image shows basal cell carcinoma and the below right is a malignant melanoma—and yes, you should check the soles of your feet, too!

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Bergen Dermatology's April Newsletter

Spring has officially sprung, and we’re looking forward to a beautiful season here at Bergen Dermatology! With holidays and events such as Mother’s Day, prom and graduation fast approaching, there’s no better time for a variety of treatments that will help you look your best from head to toe. CLICK HERE to see this month's specials!

April is also Rosacea Awareness Month… Thanks to a bevy of treatment options, there’s no reason to live with facial redness. If you’ve tried over-the-counter products and you’re still struggling with flushing, stinging or burning, call to schedule an appointment because we can help. Rosacea symptoms can progress without proper treatment, so it’s best to come see us sooner rather than later!

Bergen Dermatology's March Newsletter

"Honey, time marches on, and eventually you realize that it's marchin' across your face." If you can relate to this quote from Steel Magnolias, Bergen Dermatology is here to help! We're all about anti-aging this month, so CLICK HERE to see the skincare and treatment specials that can help you turn back the clock, and look as young as you feel! And remember, we offer a lot more than cosmetic services... We're here to meet all of your medical dermatology needs as well!

Bergen Dermatology's February Newsletter

Love is in the air this month at Bergen Dermatology, and we're here to help you get ready for Valentine's Day! There's still time to prime your pout for all that extra kissing and we even have a way to spice up your sex life! CLICK HERE for this month's specials and a very exciting announcement...

Bergen Dermatology's January Newsletter

Happy new year! Odds are you've made a resolution or two, and if looking or feeling better in 2017 is among them, we're here to help! Whether you're looking for injectables that deliver anti-aging and profile-enhancing results, skincare kits designed to maximize skin health, or intimate enhancement to help put the spark back in your love life, CLICK HERE to see this month's specials!

Bergen Dermatology's December Newsletter

Happy holidays from our family here at Bergen Dermatology to yours! 'Tis the season for events, parties and get-togethers so you surely want to put your best face forward... CLICK HERE to see special pricing on a variety of products and treatments that will help you make 2017 one of your most beautiful years yet!

Get Glowing

Chemical Peels are a great way to treat discoloration, sun damage and some scarring. This time of the year is optimal to have them performed. Call for a consultation today.