Dr. Naana Boakye: Dermatologist with a mission

Written by Tania Greene

For African-American skin, it can be hard (sometimes impossible), to find a dermatologist who understands your skin and can treat it. That's why doctors like Dr. Naana Boakye exist.

Dr. Boakye, who specializes in surgical, medical, and cosmetic dermatology, is a board-certified dermatologist that is an assistant clinical professor at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and leads her own practice at Bergen Dermatology in New Jersey. She strives to stay on top of the latest in procedures and medicine to offer patients the best treatments available.

"I recently had a patient struggle with acne for years where she was prescribed various medications and did not note any improvement. Over the course of three months with a strict acne regimen, her acne is now controlled and she is ecstatic about not only her face, but feels confident at her job and in her personal life. My goal at Bergen is not only to treat the condition, but to try to learn about the individual and to give advice in their current situation", explains Boakye.

Dr. Naana Boakye patients are diverse and she welcomes her services to all races and skin types. She's in the process of developing her own signature skin and hair care products that will be created using concentrated and rich natural ingredients. Currently, she's undergoing a study looking at the efficacy of of micro-needling and chemical peels in darker skin types over a three month period.

Struggling with your skin or just want to learn more about this young, new skin guru? Go to www.bergenderm.com.